22nd December 2020

CEFA is very pleased to congratulate its Polish Partner H. CEGIELSKI-POZNAŃ S.A. (HCP) for the award of the contract related to the MS-40 folding bridge (*). This is a first step for the Development and Modernization Program of the Polish Armed Forces in bridging Systems for Engineers. For the next step, pontoon park program, CEFA and HCP have set-up an industrial partnership. This on-going call for tender aims the acquisition of new floating bridge systems to cross wet gaps. HCP as leader of the consortium will propose to the Polish Armament Inspectorate the Steel Ribbon Bridge (SRB) developed by CEFA, already sold in Bangladesh and being under production jointly by HCP and CEFA. The SRB will provide to the end-users the highest Military Load Classification (MLC) of the wide world market, enabling to cross wet gaps for tracked vehicles up to MLC85T and for wheeled vehicles up to MLC120W.





(*) 18th December 2020

An agreement was concluded between the State Treasury - Armament Inspectorate and a consortium of companies: H. CEGIELSKI-POZNAŃ S.A. (leader) and WB Electronics S.A. concerning the acquisition of the MLC 70/110 (MS-40) mobile folding bridge for overcoming medium water and terrain obstacles. Pursuant to the contract, the Contractor will develop and execute 2 units of the MS-40 folding bridge along with technical documentation for serial production related to the anticipated future needs of the Polish Armed Forces. The contract value is PLN 57 million gross (12,7 M€), and the contract is scheduled to be completed by the end of October 2024.

Photo: Major Krzysztof Płatek Armament Inspectorate Photo: OBRUM sp. z o.o./ Polish MoD

The MLC 70/110 mobile folding bridge for crossing medium water and terrain obstacles (MS-40 folding bridge) is to provide the ability to quickly overcome natural and artificial terrain obstacles with a width not exceeding 40 m. The bridge structure is to enable the passage of tracked vehicles with a load not exceeding than the MLC 70 class and wheeled vehicles with a load not greater than the MLC 110 class.